Thursday, March 22, 2012

Word Verification Off! - Grateful 4 u

You know I always love it when I see sites requesting that people turn off the Word Verification feature because I have such a hard time reading those awful words...I absolutely hate Word Verification!  So imagine my surprise when my sweet blog friend asked if I would consider turning mine off!!!!

So, this is a test to see if turning it off worked...this is actually a card I made for a CARDS Magazine submission several months ago but wasn't chosen...great sentiment though...grateful 4 u Sue!


  1. You are SO FUNNY, Barb! And I will be so thrilled if I hit Publish and the word verification doesn't pop up! Glad I told you since you didn't even know you had it on your blog! Here goes......!

    PS this is a really CUTE card! LOVE the umbrella and the boot paper and the 4 U!

  2. YEAH! It worked! Word Verification is GONE! Thank you!

  3. chuckling here....pretty card Barb!


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