Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Lennon

This card is for a 4 year old little boy I just learned about who has cancer.

Lennon's mom Amanda said, "wherever the action is, that's where 3-year-old Lennon will be. Running around outside, playing video games and pretending to be his favorite super hero. He's always laughing, running around giving the nurses a hard time you would never know he was sick." But Lennon is a sick little boy.

Lennon now has multiple tumors on his brain and spine. He will have to begin the fight all over again. Now Lennon's single mother said her only son has a 20-percent chance of survival but they're not giving up.

Amanda said they are taking each day in stride, and even though Lennon's bright-orange hair is gone, his spunk that matches it is still here!! "Lennon's a fighter, so am I. We'll beat it," according to Hunt.

His nana over at, says he loves getting cards and has offered to have the cards sent to her since Lennon will be getting Chemo next week. She wants to make sure he gets them!

Please make a little guy smile and send Lennon a card to:

Lennon Hunt
c/0 Pages in Time
5221 South 48 St
Lincoln NE 68516

I looked at for an update and found that his birthday is June I grabbed this one to get in the mail quickly. Make as many cards as you like but try to mail them a week apart so he'll continue to get cards a few at a time.

The original post where I found this is (sorry, haven't quite figured out how to add a link) and as if any of us need more incentive, she's even offered some blog candy! So sweet, everyone I know loves blog candy of any kind!


  1. Barb,

    I'm so glad I stopped by. Going to make a card right now for this little guy. Reading stories like this reminds me how blessed I really am. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I'll keep Lennon in my prayers and thoughts.


  2. Your card rocsk Barb! Perfect for a little boy. Thanks for posting :))

  3. Hi, Barb. I'm make certain to send little Lennon a card. I've mentioned several times that I visit with terminally ill children each month at the LaRabida Hospital for Children here, and your heart just goes out to them!!!

    Thank you for being such a caring person! Those little guys need all our love and support!!!

  4. Love your darling card! So glad I stopped by your blog this afternoon! Adding sweet, adorable Lennon to my prayers!

  5. Hi, Barb. I just posted the card I'm sending to Lennon on my blog if you'd like to take a peek at it!!!

    My prayers are with him and his family! Miracles do happen you know!!!


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